Why We Care

The Healing Kadi Foundation’s mission is to bring modern, reliable, sustainable healthcare to South Sudan. This foundation is close to our hearts here at Rocklin Heating & Air. Pam Monnier’s father, Dr. Jim Steier, is a founding missionary doctor who brings health care and hope to a war-torn South Sudan. Healing Kadi has established a small medical facility and has recently begun building a local hospital in order to change illness and injury into Hope and Healing for South Sudan.

Jim, a family physician in Omaha Nebraska travels to Sudan yearly with many others, hoping to make a difference in the health of the communities surrounding Kadi. Jim has a soft spot for the two orphanages Healing Kadi’s doctors visit each year.

If you would like to learn more about the struggles that the people of South Sudan face or why the Healing Kadi Foundation would like to help, please visit www.healingkadi.org. We sincerely appreciate your support!